Light Emitting Diode (Led)

Taillights Are Frequently Damaged While Driving Through The Springs, Posing A Serious Road Safety Hazard. A Patented, Extremely Robust Taillight System That Hides Itself When It Comes Into Contact With An Obstacle Has Been Developed In The Face Of This Widespread Problem. Led Lights Are Used In The System, Which Have A Much Longer Lifespan Than Traditional Bulbs.

Polyethylene-C Reservoir

Deposit For Group-C

The Tank Is Designed To Fit Behind The Truck Chassis’s Support Legs, Allowing A Pallet Rack To Be Installed. For Long-Distance Travel, It Has A Capacity Of 250 Litres And A Range Of More Than 80 Hours.

An Anti-Siphon Device And A Lockable Cap Are Included In The Design Of This Reservoir, Which Has One Fill Hole On Each Side. Electronic Devices Can Be Used To Read The Fuel Level Of Refrigeration Units Using The Indicator On The Left (Or Optionally The Right).

Bumper C

“The Absolute Weapon” To Protect The Vehicle’s Rear When Entering The Docks Is Bumper-C. As A Result Of Its Innovative Design, It Acts As A Shock Absorber. With Bumper-C, The Vehicle Can Be Raised And Lowered On The Docks Without Fear Of Tearing Or Deformation Thanks To The Rubber Bumpers. Bumper-C Is Recommended By Transporters Who Save Money On Vehicle Repairs And Maintenance By Using It. More Than 90% Of Chassis Are Equipped With This System.

Reardetect C

You Can Safely Enter The Docks With The Reardetect-C Reversing Radar. There Is An Audible Alarm That Goes Off With Manoeuvres And The Vehicle Automatically Stops When There Are Obstacles In Its Path. The Radar’s Three Sensors Allow It To Detect An Object Up To Three Metres In The Vehicle’s Path. System Automatically Brakes The Vehicle To A Predefined Distance (Between 30 And 100 Cm) When The Obstacle Is In The Driver’s Line Of Sight.

Carrosserie By Inogam

Body Of Inogam

Refrigerated Bodies Must Be Capable And Robust. Design Features That Combine High-Level Insulation And Specific Mountings To Provide The Best Performance And Benchmark Robustness Are Found In Bodies.

If You’re Looking To Transport Goods Over Long Distances, Has Bodies With Thick Sidewalls That Are Insulated To The Point Where They Don’t Exceed Four Metres In Total Height.


It Has Developed A System Of Ventilation Ducts That Evenly Distribute Temperatures Throughout The Body, Which Is Especially Useful When Transporting Highly Perishable Food Products. Additionally, Airefficient-C Allows For Better Utilisation Of The Cold Unit, Which Significantly Reduces Fuel Consumption, Use Time, And Maintenance Costs Of The Refrigeration Unit.

A Grille For Protection

Protection Grid

With The Help Of, A Vertical Grille For The Front Face Has Been Developed That Allows An Air Flow Of More Than 4,150 M3 Per Hour To Be Achieved. Adding A Front Grille Protects The Front Face Of The Vehicle, As Well As Enhancing Cooling Performance And Ensuring A Consistent Temperature Inside.

The Antivolatility


The Anti-Theft System Can Be Installed In Inogam Bodies With Hinged Doors. Locks That Can’t Be Opened With Typical Robbery Tools Are Used In This System (Bolt Cutters, Disc Polishers, Kickstand …). It Is Also Shielded From External Shocks And Projections..

It’s A Palette

Rack For Holding Pallets.

An Extremely Sturdy Steel Design, The Pallet Rack Can Hold 36 80 X 120-Inch Pallets. Located In The Wheelbase Of The Chassis, It Blocks Water, Sand, Sand Salt, Etc. From Entering The Vehicle It’s Easy To Access The Pallets Thanks To The Folding Doors At The Top. If You Prefer A “Basket” Type Of Pallet Rack, It Is Fully Open, Has An Anti-Theft Device, And Can Fit Uk Pallets (100 X 120).

Pose For Your Frigid Group

It Has Access To All Of The Current Cold Production Techniques, From Thermal Groups To Hybrid Or Electric Groups, And From Cryogenics With Nitrogen Or Co2. Cryogenics And Geolocation Are Two Of The Most Appropriate Solutions For Developing Distribution Activities That Take Environmental Constraints Into Account (Automatic Switch To Piek Mode At Certain Times Depending On The Geographical Situation).


The Image And Communication Power Of A Truck In An Urban Environment Is Unparalleled. With The Help Of , You Can Decorate The Bodywork Of Your Vehicle With Your Company’s Logo Or That Of One Of Your Customers, Or Even That Of Your Customers’ Products.

In Order To Provide You With More Details

Your Freezer Door Is Made To Measure.

Products Customized For You

We Have Experts In Vehicle Adaptation Who Will Work With You To Find The Best Solution For Your Business’ Unique Needs. So Every Year, Our Customers Have Access To Over 500 New Off-Catalog Products. Excels In This Area.

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