Trucks transport 70% of all goods in the United States, a fact that many people are unaware of. Food, medicine, and waste removal are all included in this category. If the trucking industry fails, the entire country fails. Numerous critical industries will be adversely affected within 24 hours if trucks are stopped, which many people are also failing to realise.

If the trucking industry shuts down as a result of a natural disaster or a terrorist attack, hospitals will run out of medical supplies within 24 hours. There will be long lines at the pump as gas stations run out of fuel. Deliveries of mail and packages will be halted within 24 hours of the trucking industry going dark.

Trucks are used in nearly every sector of the economy to transport goods. Initially, raw materials like lumber and stone are shipped from forests and quarries to manufacturing facilities. Once a finished product has been produced, it is transported to its final location or a distribution centre by truck.

Trucks transport nearly $700 billion worth of goods every year just in the United States.. of America. Trucking is a vital part of the economy because of this.

There are over 800,000 truck drivers in the United States, earning an estimated $30 billion a year. All truckers contribute to the health and strength of the economy, whether they are small trucking companies, owner operators, or large trucking companies.

In the trucking industry, drivers are the most important component. At FSR, we treat our drivers like people, not just numbers. If you think driving to FSR is a good fit for you, apply now!